Hulk’s Senior Picture

About two weeks ago I decided it was time to purchase a Wacom Cintiq.  Up until this point, most of my artwork has been done traditionally on canvas, though I have done a few images using my iPad.  I have been trying to draw daily, and have been working on different techniques using Photoshop along with my tablet to really learn how to paint digitally.  I am registered to start taking Schoolism courses later this year, but between now and then, I am trying to get as much practice as possible so that I am not left behind.



We all know the Hulk for his short fuse, huge muscles, and last but not least, his green skin and eyes.  I wanted to use juxtaposition to view the Hulk from a calmer, simpler, and more sophisticated perspective.



I started with a rough outline of a 3/4 view of Hulk bare chested:



Next I added the rough outline of a tuxedo over the original bare chested Hulk and erased the the previous lines that showed through.



Once the basic outlining was done, I laid the basic colors down on the image. and begin adding texture and light to the jacket. I used this shading to add some shape to the jacket and clearly define the anatomy of the Hulk.



Next I colored the tie and added color to the shirt.  Now that these are done, detail can be added to the face.



I added excess light/ shadows to a layer above the actual work so that I could adjust the lighting using the opacity of the layer.



Finally I found the opacity desired and filled in the background with shadows to add contrast and direct the viewer’s focus to the face.




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