Schoolism "Drawing Fundamentals" (Instructed by Thomas Fluharty) Assignment 1

Well Summer is here, and with that, I have begun my classes at Schoolism.  The first of my classes is “Drawing Fundamentals,” instructed by Thomas Fluharty.
The first class was instruction on how to identify the shapes in what we are planning to draw.  The next step is to draw those shapes as the structure of your image.
The homework assignment was to use this technique to draw a specific image of a giraffe.  It was optional to add a background to the image as well.  For now my giraffe will be in a basic setting with the main shapes/ objects blocked out.  I may add more details prior to submitting the homework as well.
Here is the image so far.  I will update with notes on Thomas’s feedback as well.
Drawing Fundamentals- Assignment 1

Schoolism “Drawing Fundamentals” (Instructed by Thomas Fluharty) Assignment 1

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