My Post Grad Studies

Recently a friend of mine turned me on to this really awesome online art school.  I have never taken courses and wanted a good alternative to a formal illustration degree from an accredited school. is the perfect educational resource for my schedule and needs.  They offer a full variety of courses available with some of the most amazing illustrators you could imagine.  Most of the courses are offered with personalized video feedback, or self taught videos.  Because of the cost, I originally had planned to take the majority of the courses through the self taught videos, but decided that it would be much more beneficial to enroll in the personalized video feedback courses so that I could receive instruction related directly to me.
This is what I am considering to be not only my art education, but my post grad studies as well.  Follow along with my blog and I will post my projects and work so you can see my growth and decide if this format of learning is truly beneficial or not?
I am currently enrolled in the following courses (Click on the Artist name for their background.  Click on the class name or thumbnail for a course description):
Drawing FundamentalsThomas Fluharty
Gesture DrawingAlex Woo & Louis Gonzalez
Introduction to Digital PaintingAndrew Hou
Character DesignDaniel Arriaga 
Painting in PainterRyan Wood
Character Design IIStephen Silver
In addition to the classes above, I will be taking the School of Visual Story Telling course with Will Terry in July.
svsillustrationclass My Post Grad Studies

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